A world heritage of Kyoto

I would like to introduce the world heritage of Kyoto by the video.
It is composed of 17 parts, and it is called ‘Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto’.

Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto #PresentingJapan


Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto

01. Kinkaku-ji Temple
02. Tenryu-ji Temple
03. Shimogamo-jinja Shrine
04. Kiyomizu-dera Temple
05. Ryoan-ji Temple
06. Enryaku-ji Temple
07. Ninna-ji Temple
08. Nishi-Hongan-ji Temple
09. Koke-dera Temple
10. Nijo-jo Castle
11. Daigo-ji Temple
12. Ginkaku-ji Temple
13. Byodo-in Temple
14. To-ji Temple
15. Kamigamo-jinja Shrine
16. Kozan-ji Temple
17. Ujigami-jinja Shrine

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